The core products of the company are ingenious energy flow management with energy consumption prediction software based on AI and a battery-swapping station integrated with a proprietary AMR robot. This innovative energy transfer approach gives the ability to increase the productivity of AMRs by up to 20% and is a step towards R2G (Robot-to-Grid) solutions.

HETBOT solution

AMR system

We offer a wide range of AMR robots which are designed to be easily integrated into any application. Our solutions are modular, which enables very simple scaling for projects of different requirements and sizes.


H100 / H250

Power management system

The power management system minimizes down/recharge time from even 60 minutes to just 3 minutes sufficient for battery replacement. The whole process is realized fully autonomously without any need for human interaction.

The station with its bank of energy unveils new, powerful benefits related to Robot-To-Grid solutions, energy trading and short and long-term energy consumption prediction. A single station can handle up to 120 AMRs to greatly reduce the total footprint of AMR maintenance system in a warehouse.

About us

HETBOT is a spinoff company of Lodz University of Technology and was established in 2020. The spirit of the team has been built for nearly 10 years when robotics passionates started designing robots for international robotic competitions reaching top places in robotic events all over the world. The team members received three R&D grants from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development and several different grants worth in total of 1.4 million EUR, which helped the team to develop a concept of modular mobile robots based on ROS1/2 software. The system could be also easily integrated with third-party robots and other vehicles.

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